A Little Home Refresh

Painting, Purging, Cleaning


Well I’m finally back!!!  

These past few months have been extremely busy.  Besides doing my normal duties… working with our artists,  cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., being a wife, a mother and a grandmother are at the top of my list !!!  A few months back my husband and I decided it was time to do a little home refresh by painting our house and we wanted to do it ourselves, not only do ourselves but on a budget.   If you have ever painted your house you know it’s not just about putting that paint on those walls.  There’s prep work (lots of it), then the painting and after that the clean up (lots of it), then you have to put that room back together again!!!  It sounds so easy, right???  Not if you’re going to purge and clean every little thing!  So we decided that we needed to have a garage sale, not so easy but fun.  Then we posted things on Craigs List, then consignment shops and finally donation centers.  My favorite is Thrift Smart in Nashville.  

So we’re finally getting back to normal, well except that I’m still going through boxes of photos and not to mention I have yet to tackle My beads and jewelry making supplies. YIKES!!!! I’d better hurry! I just realized I need to prepare for my upcoming 2dangle shows!!!!!!  Oh, and my painting supplies!!!  I still have to paint the picture for our kitchen wall… stay tuned;).

But, I’ve been away too long so I am back;)

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