Autism Inspired Necklace

Custom Jewelry

Puzzle Necklace

Since April is Autism Awareness month I created a special “puzzle piece ” necklace in honor of my grandson. Each piece is unique just as each person with autism is unique and special! This piece is something to wear year round as it is stylish and begs people to ask about the meaning of the puzzle piece. Each puzzle piece is individually made and hangs on a sterling silver chain. 


One Of A Kind Copper Bracelet

2Dangle Custom Jewelry



Over the last few months, I’ve been extremely busy creating new jewelry for a 2Dangle show. I had a great time revealing some of my latest designs at the show last week and my heart is always warmed when I see others excited about wearing my creations!

2Dangle-web logo Recently, I began experimenting with copper as I love the rich texture it presents. Copper patinas over time giving it a nice vintage look. While I don’t normally make my jewelry available on line, I decided to start offering limited “one of a kind” pieces. Above is a 3 chain copper bracelet that carries a unique vintage look. The copper is already beginning to patina bringing out a hint of green to compliment the copper. There is only one so move fast if you want it!