Build Bone Density In 10 Minutes

First OsteoStrong Session

Build bone density in 10 minutes is a statement that sounds a bit too good to be true? After being diagnosed with osteoporosis a few months back, I began looking into the medication and treatment my doctor was recommending. As I read about the side effects, I became very apprehensive about moving forward with the treatment. I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place being forced to choose between doing nothing and allowing my bones to deteriorate even more or move forward with medication that could cause my jawbone to rot. I definitely don’t like the though of my jaws rotting! Thankfully, my husband Keith reminded me of this new bone density building method that a friend of his founded called OsteoStrong. Another trusted friend, Dr Omar Hamada, purchased the Brentwood, TN OsteoStrong franchise as he has become a total believer in this new method of building bone density. We trust Dr Omada’s medical opinion as he is a wise man who does extensive research in cutting edge medical treatments. The video below shows how simple the exercises are to do in 10 minutes each week. It really is quite easy and I don’t even break a sweat!

Initial Visit To OsteoStrong

After reading more about several drug treatments for osteoporosis, I decided on an initial visit to a new bone and strength center called OsteoStrong. A friend, Dr Omar Hamada, recently bought the franchise in Brentwood and Cool Springs and he explains more about osteoporosis in this video.

Osteoporosis Surprise

I recently went for my yearly physical and received some disappointing news from my doctor. Being diagnosed with Osteoporosis was certainly a surprise that I don’t completely understand yet. I’ve decided to do a video journal to post here on my website for those interested in following my journey.