In The Kitchen

The kitchen is where I feel most comfortable and probably because I spend so much time there. IMG_1414Even though I have never been formally trained as a chef, cooking comes natural to me. The love for great food and love for my family keeps me busy in the kitchen. My heart is full when I see the joy on the faces of family and friends as they eat food I prepared for them. While I know it isn’t true, I often tease my family of loving me only for my cooking.

I have some mainstay meals, but most things I cook are created on the spot. Those spontaneous meals seem to be my family’s favorites. When I get a great response over a meal, I tuck it away in my mental recipe file and add to my regulars. Being from New Mexico, much of the food I create has a southwestern influence. IMG_6506 I also mix in other flavors creating what I call southwestern fusion. Red and green chili are some of my favorites to work with but I also enjoy using numerous other herbs and spices. Whatever I’m making, one thing is sure, my food won’t taste bland and everything I make will be made with love!



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